Seoul 2022

75 Years of Pathways to Peace

The 2022 CIEE Annual Conference took place in Seoul, South Korea November from 8-10. The theme this year was 75 Years of Pathways to Peace. We celebrated those that have paved the way for international education and cultural exchange in our world.

As international exchange professionals and educators, how do we respond to the challenges of this era and plan for future opportunities? How do we ensure study abroad programs remain vibrant, accessible, and impactful? And in this time of changing global dynamics, shifting areas of political conflict, and the new reality of health and safety, how do we design our programs so they contribute to world peace?

During the 2022 CIEE Annual Conference in Seoul, we reflected on the role of international education in public diplomacy, reimagined study abroad within today’s global context, and celebrated 75 Years of Pathways to Peace.

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Memories from Seoul



Day 2 – Focus on Best Practices
Creating communities of practice. Learning from our colleagues. The concurrent sessions on day two of Conference allow us to share from our wealth of experience and current research on what makes for successful, enriching international education programs in our rapidly changing world.

Day 3 – Focus on Innovation
With the pandemic seemingly receding, international student programming has widely returned. The temptation to get back to a pre-Covid “normal” is strong, but is it wise? How has education abroad changed and what does the future of our profession hold? These are some of the questions on the agenda for day three of Conference. We start with an “innovation summit” where all are invited to contribute to imagining the future of study abroad.

Day 1
Nov 8, 2022
Day 2
Nov 9, 2022
Day 3
Nov 10, 2022

Health, Safety, Security Workshop – 1

Enhancing Mental Health Support for Study Abroad

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Workshop – 2

Best Practices for Inclusiveness: Understanding Student Identities and Intersectionality - at Home and Abroad
5:00 pm-6:00 pm

CIEE Opening Plenary

6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Welcome and Meet CIEE Reception

Opening Session: Education Abroad as a Bridge to Peace

This panel with representatives from international education and government sectors, opens the annual conference with a focus on study abroad and diplomacy, and how we can contribute to resolving the ongoing conflicts in areas such as the Korean Peninsula and the Ukraine.
10:40 am-12:00 pm

Morning Concurrent Sessions

Optimizing Fulbright: Creating A Structural and Accessible Pipeline to Funded Global Opportunities

Three former Fulbright International Education Administrators grant recipients will discuss how to develop an institutional structure to recruit, increase, diversify, and support Fulbright applicants and create global opportunities beyond traditional study abroad. 

Responsible Global Citizenship in A Changing Climate for International Education

Two faculty members and two international office administrators combine forces to investigate the power of international education and globally minded students in fostering pathways to peace.

Solidarity As Praxis: Building Student Trust and Equity In International Education 

How do international educators and their partners best implement justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) practices to meet the needs of our students and colleagues? 

Intercultural Learning Post-Pandemic

With a starting point of scholarly research on pre-Covid student intercultural development, this panel will lead us in a timely discussion to explore together possible revisions of our best practices.
12:15 pm-2:00 pm

Lunch with Poster Sessions Topics

2:10 pm-5:00 pm

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Critical Conversations On Supporting and Advocating For Diverse Faculty Leadership in Study Abroad Programs

The presenters will discuss the connection between diverse faculty and intercultural development through real examples from their own student led study abroad programs.

Humanizing Global Relations Through International Internships

Now more than ever, in a global and interdependent world surrounded by uncertainty, it is extremely important to be able to work and collaborate not only in multidisciplinary teams but also in multicultural work environments.

“Can You See My Screen?”: Leveraging the Best of Remote Work Strategies and Muting the Rest

Attendees will take away data‐driven strategies to adopt and adapt for their office needs, such as supporting employee mental health, increasing student access to education abroad resources via virtual connections, and build and maintain collaborations across campus and globally.

Increasing Accessibility for International Students Through Global Internships in the Pandemic And Beyond

International experiential education is a valuable opportunity for students to gain intercultural knowledge, improve foreign language skills, acquire professional expertise, and put theoretical ideas into practice by engaging in internships away from the classroom.

Challenging The Deficit Approach to Assessing Study Abroad at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

This session will highlight the extraordinary and innovative contributions of HBCUs in study abroad with emphasis on historical perspectives, providers’ perspectives, opportunities for global engagement, viewpoints from students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and empirical studies.
6:00 pm

CIEE Cocktail Reception

Opening Session: Innovation Through Collaboration

Join CIEE and several of our university partners as we workshop the future of study abroad. The innovation summit is a collaborative space for envisioning the best practices and innovations of tomorrow.
10:45 am - 12:00 pm

Morning Concurrent Sessions

Utilizing Partnerships to Re-Tool Study Abroad: Working to Make Study Abroad a Reality for Underserved and Underrepresented Students

This session will share how study abroad at Kapi’olani Community College has grown to include new and innovative programs that meet the needs of specific populations.

Sustaining International Partnerships Using Project‐Based Virtual Exchange Curricula

The panel will include time for workshopping, during which participants and attendees will discuss how desired learning outcomes drive virtual exchange projects and course design and consider the logistics of facilitating multi‐media projects across time zones using new technologies.

The Power of Family Inclusion in Education Abroad Participation: Using Webinars to Foster Engagement in the Pre-Departure Process

Attendees will learn how to develop a webinar series that provides general information about education abroad to parents and family members while encouraging student independence and accountability throughout the entire process.

Implementing 4-A For Jedi

Attendees will gain insight into lessons learned for recruitment of BIPOC students, as well as strategies related to collaborating with partners and enhancing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives.
12:30 pm-2:00 pm

Lunch CIEE Seoul Student and Alumni Panel

2:10 pm - 3:30 pm

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Centering DEI In Internationalization: Strategies for Inclusive Campuses for Students and Partnerships

How can we align DEI and internationalization efforts to promote inclusive and welcoming campuses for international students? How can we integrate our campus DEI initiatives into our global partnership building strategies?

Building The Pipeline Of Disabled Leaders Through International Exchange

Although much discussion has been devoted to the topic of including students with disabilities in study abroad, this session will take this discussion a step further to frame people with disabilities as emerging leaders.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into Mobility Programmes: the Model of the Aga Khan University’s Virtual Internship Programme

This session will explore the value of the virtual internships model and how they are changing the face of educational opportunities globally in new, equitable and diverse ways.

Stem Study Abroad: Preparing Students To Face Global Challenges

Through a mix of short presentations and a series of related activities with participants, we present a case for the importance of STEM study abroad in preparing U.S. undergraduates to tackle challenges compromising global development goals, stability, and harmony.

Closing The “Skills Gap:” How Students Can Gain the New Skills Demanded by Employers After the Pandemic Through Remote International Internships

The session will share finding and present ideas on updating internship programs to close the skills gap, along with an engaged panel discussion and breakouts to discuss best practices and innovations to help students increase their employability.

Sustaining Education Abroad

How can we seriously approach this topic while not simultaneously lessening the impact that our work and its outcomes (students learning in situ in global locations) is intended to do?

“Why Are All The Black Kids… Not Rushing To Study Abroad”

Black, Indigenous, and students of color have needs and concerns regarding international travel that their White counterparts do not necessarily face. This presentation addresses the design of study abroad programs and how they are unintentionally exclusionary.

Lessons Learned: Hybrid Learning Abroad

The pandemic was a massive stress-test on our ability to provide for academic continuity in face of disruption. How ready were education abroad providers to pivot to online-supported learning, and how ready will we be the next time?
6:30 pm

CIEE 75th Anniversary Celebration