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Call for Proposals: 2018

Across the country and around the world, exciting new educational models are emerging in an effort to prepare students for learning and working in the digital age. Flipped classrooms, artificial intelligence, online learning, competency-based education, adaptive learning, collaborative education, phenomenon-based learning, and design thinking are a few of the innovative approaches being used in higher education.

How can we broaden and accelerate this trend, especially in international education? What new education models successfully empower students to become innovators – skilled at not just adapting to change, but leading it? True, technology continues to make the world more interconnected and intercultural relationships more accessible – but that alone doesn’t prepare students to thrive in a constantly-changing world. Today’s students must be skillful at collaborating within diverse teams, understanding and appreciating global challenges, and looking at issues from multiple angles; all qualities which study abroad supports in meaningful ways – and which may rival the importance of obtaining proficiency in one discipline.

Questions before us include:

  • How can we take experiential learning abroad to the next level – to not only inform students but to form them?
  • How can we empower our students to be leaders of innovation so they can solve complex world problems?
  • How can we ensure new student-centered models emphasize global competencies like creativity, collaboration, and adaptability?
  • How does new educational technology encourage students to focus on global challenges?
  • How can we train students to break the single-discipline approach when addressing complex problems and instead use intercultural, interdisciplinary collaboration?

As a community of international educators, let us innovate and create the experiential learning models that empower students to change the world.

Submit A Proposal

The CIEE Annual Conference features concurrent sessions and a poster fair. Submit a proposal that reflects fresh ideas, new education models, research, experiences, and knowledge that address the new realities of study abroad. Submit a proposal by February 12, 2018.

Proposals should reflect the theme of Leading Innovation: Educating Global Citizens in the Digital Age in the following areas:

Maximizing Student Learning

  • Academic disciplines – including but not limited to: business and entrepreneurship, environment pre-med/health, and STEM
  • Intercultural development – intentional experiential learning and reflection
  • Language learning – myths, outcomes, and open questions
  • New pedagogies – including but not limited to: flipped classrooms, artificial intelligence, online learning, competency-based education, adaptive learning, collaborative education, and phenomenon-based learning, and design thinking
  • Online learning/educational technology
  • World religions and comparative religious studies abroad

Designing Innovative Models

  • Pre-departure and re-entry
  • Program assessment and evaluation – closing the feedback loop
  • Service learning – ethics and accountability
  • Short-term programs – measuring the impact
  • Student research
  • Study away/domestic programs
  • Thematic and interdisciplinary studies of global citizenship – including but not limited to: leadership, peace and conflict studies, sustainability in the Anthropocene, and social justice

Creating a Global Campus

  • Campus internationalization – what’s next?
  • Community colleges
  • International education advocacy and leadership
  • High school / GAP year to college pathways
  • Leveraging technology in the classroom to connect with the world
  • Professional development and supporting faculty/administrators new to study abroad

Meeting Student Needs

  • Emotional and mental health services for students
  • Global safety – crisis management and response
  • Supporting diverse students as trailblazers and future global leaders
  • Supporting students of faith

Session Proposal Criteria

Over two-and-a-half days of the conference, sessions are the venue for presentation and discussion of ideas around the conference theme and other relevant topics in study abroad. Proposals should include a comprehensive outline for a 75-minute session, including 15-20 minutes for questions and audience discussion or participation. There should be no more than four presenters and no fewer than two presenters, including the chair.

Session Proposal Guidelines:

  • Session title and description (300-500 words)
  • Target audience
  • Chair and presenter information, including professional contact information (affiliation, title, email, address, etc.) and a brief bio (75 words or less)
  • Outline learning objectives/goals, content, and takeaways participants can readily use     
  • Specify how you plan to engage the audience during the session

Session proposals will be reviewed and rated based on how well they:

  • Align with CIEE’s Annual Conference theme and are unique to the CIEE Annual Conference.
  • Represent collaboration or perspectives of both faculty and international offices. Proposals including faculty presenters are strongly preferred.
  • Exhibit diversity in speakers and perspectives. Proposals that include varying institutions, organizations, and/or students are preferred.
  • Present practical information that participants can readily apply.
  • Demonstrate innovative ideas, unique and thought-provoking topics, current research or theories, or recognized best practices. If submitting a proposal based on a case study, include independent research to support or disprove your theory. Consider getting creative with session format and basing it on new educational models from the field.

Poster Fair Proposals

Our Poster Fair is designed to offer an opportunity for one-on-one meaningful discussion and visual presentation based on your research and ideas related to topics on international education – a perfect venue to present on case study findings from a single institution. Poster Fair proposals should include a comprehensive outline for a 30-minute visual presentation. Proposals that invite audience participation and engagement are preferred. Be creative – alternate methods of presentation, such as handouts or laptop presentations, are encouraged.

Poster Fair Proposal Requirements:

  • Poster title and description (300-500 words)
  • Presenter information, including affiliation, contact information, and a brief bio (75 words or less)



Chair: The chair of a session or poster proposal is the organizer of the session and can also be a presenter. The chair person will serve as the primary point of contact to the CIEE Conference Team.

Presenter: A presenter is a member of the session panel or poster presentation who will present and is not the chair.


Once you’ve completed the proposal submission process, you’ll receive a confirmation email from If you don’t receive your confirmation email, please check your spam filters and junk folders. If you’re still unable to locate the message, please contact the conference team at 1-844-411-3751 or by email at


Please contact with the update that needs to be made.


CIEE’s selection committee is comprised of Academic Consortium Members – professionals in the field of international education – and CIEE staff to review and evaluate each proposal based on the outlined criteria above.


The proposal review process takes approximately two months from the submission deadline date.


Notifications will be emailed to the individual who originally submitted the proposal. Notifications will come from If you don’t receive the email, please check your spam filters and junk folders. If you’re still unable to locate the message, please contact the conference team toll-free at 1-844-411-3751 or by email at

Submit Your Proposal

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