Health, Safety, Security Workshop – 1

Nov 8, 2022
9:00 am-12:00 pm

Health, Safety, Security Workshop – 1

Enhancing Mental Health Support for Study Abroad

This workshop will explore ways to improve and expand assistance for students with mental health support needs. The approach will be holistic, with an eye toward providing wraparound support for students. Using the CIEE incident reporting data system, we will explore the rise in reports of mental health cases with data from the past six years and 76,000 participants. We will examine a case study of pre-departure assessments and information sharing, then work in small groups to share and create best practices for preparing students to go abroad, supporting students on program, managing escalated interventions, and extending support for students returning to campus 


  • Bill Bull, CIEE
  • Sonali Patnaik, General Counsel, CIEE