CIEE Summit 2021

November 1-5, 2021

International Education & Exchange: Catalyst for Inclusion, Access, and Progress

The 2021 CIEE International Education & Exchange Summit was held online the week of November 1-5, 2021.

After the successful cross-pollination of ideas that came out of 2020’s inaugural CIEE International Education & Exchange Summit, we again used this opportunity to bring together colleagues from around the world who worked not just in study abroad, but in cultural exchange programs of all kinds. We discussed topics among a diverse group of attendees, including students, universities and colleges, employers, providers, agents, governments, NGO’s, and more.


Select a session below to watch the recording and download the presentation. 

Day 1
Nov 1, 2021
Day 2
Nov 2, 2021
Day 3
Nov 3, 2021
Day 4
Nov 4, 2021
Day 5
Nov 5, 2021

Welcome Remarks – Dr. James Pellow, President & CEO, CIEE

Dr. Pellow will share how he has been inspired by the way recent challenges to human connection have been met with resiliency, innovation, and creativity. He will also announce details of the 2022 Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship. (Applications will open November 1.)

Session 1: The Changing Face of Education

This session will present the outcomes of CIEE`s updated faculty and staff training program focused on promoting awareness of Diversity and Inclusion in international teaching and learning contexts.

Session 2: Government and Legislative Update

Join the CIEE Government Affairs and Advocacy team for an update on legislation and policy in the international education and exchange space and our new advocacy initiatives.

Session 3: High School Spotlight “Night Class”

Learn why and how to use an equity lens when creating a Global Connection Plan for your students.

Session 4: Innovations in Inclusion and Access for Latinx Students in Study Abroad

Presenters from three diverse institutions will share the creative initiatives and resources they used to increase Latinx student participation in study abroad and support them throughout the process.

Session 5: Managing Covid-19 in the Study Abroad Universe: What Works, How to Plan for It

A panel of Health, Safety and Security staff, Country Staff and Study Abroad staff share what they have learned over the course of the pandemic about how best to keep students safe during COVID-19.

Session 6: Custom Semester Programs for Successful Transition to College

This session will feature a discussion of opportunities for delivering pre-matriculation first year and first semester/year academic programs for US and international students through turnkey remote campuses around the world.

Session 7: Mind the Gap: Bridging Student Development with Education Abroad

This panel will examine how a student development framework can be used to make programming and advising practices more inclusive and supportive.

Session 8: Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship – Best Practices for a Cross-Cultural Leadership Experience

Alumni will reflect upon how the program developed their leadership skills, and how they have returned to their communities as change agents.

Session 9: International Exchanges Unbound: Creating Cultural and Social Virtual Exchange Experiences

Case study presentations from APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities) institutions will provide lessons on running engaging virtual programs.

Session 10: Roundtable – Access to Education Abroad for All: Serving Students with Anxiety, Autism and More

The panelists will share a model faculty-led program designed to accommodate the needs of autistic students. They will also delve into challenges faced by study abroad offices, disability offices, and providers when attempting to provide appropriate support and at the same time respect privacy.