75 Years of Pathways to Peace

We are pleased to announce the 2022 CIEE Annual Conference taking place in Seoul, South Korea November 8-10! Our theme this year is 75 Years of Pathways to Peace. Join us as we celebrate those that have paved the way for international education and cultural exchange in our world. Registration to attend the conference will open in summer 2022.

Call for Proposals

Each era in history presents us with new challenges to build bridges between different people, different countries and different cultures.  Today’s challenges are extraordinary.

How do international exchange professionals and educators rise to the occasion in this era to ensure study abroad programs remain vibrant, accessible and impactful?  How do our programs contribute to world peace in an era of changing global dynamics, shifting areas of political conflict, the new reality of health and safety in the 21st century, emerging trends in international education, and the need to open doors for all students from all backgrounds?

Submit a proposal and join us in Seoul, South Korea in November to discuss international education’s role in creating a more peaceful world. A full description of the theme and call for proposal criteria can be found on our Call for Proposals webpage.

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