Reimagining the Future of Study Abroad

The CIEE 76th Annual Study Abroad Conference will bring together thought leaders in the field of international education to share ideas on how best to refine, reconceptualize, and reshape the future of study abroad. How will study abroad evolve over the next 10 years? What new programs and initiatives should we build together to make study abroad an even more powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth? How can we make international experiences more accessible, inclusive, and welcoming?

Join forward thinking experts for interactive presentations, workshops, and collaboration on topics such as:

  • Internships, Service Learning, and Research in Global Context
  • Expanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Abroad
  • The Reemergence of Traditional Study Abroad
  • Innovating with Custom Programs
  • Managing our Carbon Footprint: Sustainability¬†Abroad

2022 Seoul

75 Years of Pathways to Peace

Seoul, South Korea

2021 Conference

Catalyst for Inclusion, Access, and Progress


2020 Conference

Reimagine, Rebuild, Reopen