Memories from Seoul


75 Years of Pathways to Peace

The 2022 CIEE Annual Conference took place in Seoul, South Korea November from 8-10. The theme this year was 75 Years of Pathways to Peace. We celebrated those that have paved the way for international education and cultural exchange in our world.

Each era in history presents us with new challenges to build bridges between different people, different countries, and different cultures. Today’s challenges are extraordinary.

As international exchange professionals and educators, how do we respond to the challenges of this era and plan for future opportunities? How do we ensure study abroad programs remain vibrant, accessible, and impactful? And in this time of changing global dynamics, shifting areas of political conflict, and the new reality of health and safety, how do we design our programs so they contribute to world peace?

During the 2022 CIEE Annual Conference in Seoul, we reflected on the role of international education in public diplomacy, reimagined study abroad within today’s global context, and celebrated 75 Years of Pathways to Peace.

2022 Seoul

75 Years of Pathways to Peace

Seoul, South Korea

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